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Road transport

The most manoeuvrable type of transport which can deliver a cargo to any location with roads available, and it is not so closely bound to other infrastructures, for example, terminals.

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Combined cargoes (LTL)

A combined cargo is constituted by cargoes of several customers, transported by one vehicle unit and delivery destinations of such cargoes is optimally close to each other. It allows reducing costs of a customer for receiving cargoes.

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A full truck load (FTL)

A full truck load (FTL) is a cargo which occupies the entire volume of a transport trailer -approximately 13.6m length, 2.45m width, 2.7m height; or the allowed carrying capacity - 24 tons.

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Multimodal cargoes

Transport of multimodal cargoes uses several types of transport in order to deliver a cargo from point A to point B cost-efficiently.

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Oversized cargoes

Oversized cargoes are cargoes which are impossible to transport with a standard truck due to their size or weight, consequently, this process is more complex and expensive compared to other types of transport.

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Temperature mode cargoes

We have specialised in transport of full truck loads and combined temperature mode cargoes. We offer to our customers transport of refrigerator and isothermic types. We guarantee cargo safety and full service secure storage.

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Hazardous ADR cargoes

We ensure transportation of cargoes which require observing specific requirements, for example, hazardous cargoes (ADR). For transportation of these cargoes we offer land and air transport. Our transportation fleet is specially equipped for transport of hazardous cargoes.

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Maritime transport

In case of necessity to deliver a large cargo and it is not mandatory to execute it very fast, the maritime transport is a good solution. Comparing to road transport in long distances this solution is relatively more economic in terms of fuel consumption and carrying capacity.

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Air transport

Due to the high speed and long distance of transport, the air transport can deliver a cargo fast and to distant regions, and it is also a good choice when a cargo is very valuable.

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Container transport

Taking into account our good cooperation with shipping lines and cross border agents, we are able to ensure beneficial price and delivery solutions to our customers. We offer container transport between Asian, African, American and European states.

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Liquid cargoes

We offer transport of various types of liquid bulk cargoes. We use vehicle tankers, railway advantages and maritime tankers for transportation. Cargoes are not reloaded and they are transported by our experienced specialists of liquid bulk cargoes.

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Railway transport

Convenient and economical type of transportation for large cargoes transported in long distances. Using of containers allows transportation of virtually all types of cargoes. It is not influenced by weather and climatic conditions.

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In addition to CMR insurance in cooperation with our partners we ensure freight insurance which unlike CMR insurance will save time of a customer and will compensate full value of the transported cargo in case of any damage.

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Customs formalities

By importing cargoes from third world countries or exporting goods outside the European Union we ensure customs solutions related to import, export and transit procedures.

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Warehousing services

The most common type of cargo transport. The main advantage is in particular the fast delivery of cargoes and affordable price. The road transport allows convenient assembly of combined cargoes, saving finances and time.

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